ADD LIPS Climax 10 - ADD LIPS (Vocals III)
About 1000 fresh vocal samples!

Audio-CD - dur. 74:01 min. 
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(also available as WAV CD-ROM - only € 19,95

Add the "Human Touch" for your music production!

Over 300 female Hook lines, Ad Libs, Scat & Jazz vocals, newly recorded in many different locations throughout Europe and available to you license free. Also new backing choirs and vocal percussions, phone calls from all continents & complete raps from different countries. In "Virtual Voices" you will find numerous Vocoder & Robot voices, with Nordlead and PC synthetically produced language samples, as well as totally "screwed" sounds edited with the VT1. In the category "Voices around the world" you will find a broad range of them. From African singing to Latin vocals and Indian songs to the moslemic prayer caller, but also voices "outside of this planet" like NASA radio traffic and lots more.



"The Add Lips is a comprehensive and professional Vocal library that is not at only a "must have" because of its attractive price but also for everyone that wants to improve thier productions with voices and songs "out of the can" - PLAG`N`PLAY

"Masterbits Add Lips - Vocals III is a great sequel of an old classic, that leaves nothing left to be desired." - KEYBOARDS (Germany)

 "Add Lips presents an impressively wide variety of vocal styles  ... scats that would have made Ella herself smile.." - KEYBOARD (USA)

" a comprehensive collection of vocals, screams, short lyrics, rythmic shouts, Computer voices ant buttersweet Jazz & House Vocals   ... from "screwed" speech samples of NASA traffic to confused answering machines and other similar stuff. Great ! The $ 69.- are well spent on this comprehensive collection." - RAVELINE

"Äußerst brauchbar. Nicht umsonst wurden einige Samples bei einigen Hits benutzt. - Insgesamt eine der wenigen guten reinen Vocal-Sampling-CDs. Und bei dem Preis solltet Ihr nicht lange überlegen" - HOUSE POOL



Climax 9 - RAPsody (Vocals II)

Triple Media mixed mode CD / CD-ROM
Audio CD / dur. 58:11 min.
incl. DD-Files + 120 MB CD-ROM/AKAI

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"Rapsody brings the South Bronx into your studio" KEYS

Forget about assembling vocal tracks out of single words from different sources.  With this mixed-mode CD-Rom you have direct access to more than 30 RAP-Kits with multiple long vocal phrases.

Produced in Frankfurt by renowned Rap artists such as 'Swift' - the rapper, who was the artist behind the number one Hit - "OMEN 3".  The RAP-Kits are organized by tempos between 90-130 BPM.  They have a typical length of 4-16 bars and cover everything from Hip Hop to House and Raggae.

This CD also contains production tools such as vocal ad-libs, musical instrument names, count downs, ethnic vocals, tv commercials, nostalgic vocals, as well as sound fx and a selection of Frankfurt's most wanted TB303 and MC202 loops.

"This delivery is really authentic.  The voices sound fresh and expressive.  All in all: RAPSODY gives you all the Rap sounds you need - no more resorting to other records for sounds and inspiration!  Makes your sampler speak!" -  KEYS

"Here they are: professional Rap lines for the everyday hip hopper.  About 30 long takes, including 2 female performances;  pump some authentic NY slang through your speakers.

This is a real gift for every dance producer in need of some professional rap takes.  Perfect for pre-production.

In addition to the audio section, you will find more than 120 MB of Akai Rom.  This gives you direct access to pre-mapped programs including every sound from the audio section.  Akai users with a digital I/O can benefit from the data section with all the stuff from the CD-Rom part.  Amazing!"  - SOUNDCHECK



Climax 7 - BASS

Move your woofer with
6 extensively multisampled
Bass guitars

Audio CD, 51:48 Min.
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only Euro 49,95
(~ US$ 46 / ~GBP 32)

Alembic, Ken Smith 5 String, Patitucci 6 String, Pedulla Pentabuzz, Warwick thumb and a vintage acoustic Bass from Czechoslovakia (all sampled in minor thirds with different playing techniques and at several velocity levels) are waiting to kick some bass.

More than 500 Samples: Slaps & Slides, Picks and Pops, Chords and single notes, open and mute, deadnotes etc. The bonus tracks feature a selection of classic Synth bass sounds.  Performance oriented key mapping makes a realistic Bass performance a cinch.

 "This CD concentrates on multisamples rather than licks or loops, which guarantees a wide range of applications, expecially since every bass has been captured with different playing techniques. The instruments are state of the art and have been played by well known musicians.  Audio quality is excellent - extremely punchy" - KEYS

"Für Leute, die viel im Studio Arbeiten müssen, ist diese CD ein Segen. ... Wer also nicht unbedingt so präzise und groovy wie Marcus Miller spielt, aber dringend einen soliden Groove braucht, sollte sich diese CD in den Rechner legen" - BASS PROF



Climax 3 - GUITARS

Audio CD / dur. 65:01 min. / incl. DD-Files
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This CD features a great Guitar library that consists of professional licks and riffs, spectacular sound fx and multisampled instruments.

One of the highlights is the heavy rock department. You will find really weird material that works perfectly in a Hard-Core/Crossover setting.  As an added attraction, there are Jazz licks "a la George Benson" and acoustic guitars.  For dance music we've included a great selection of 'direct to the floor' Funk rythms.

260 licks add the 'human touch' to your production.  Like all of our CDs this one is absolutely copyright clean and license free.  A total of 167 samples from Gibson to Fender, 6 & 12 string acoustics, flagolet, etc. result in a completely all round guitar library.  For Akai users with a Digital I/O we included a set of pre-mapped sounds for direct access.

"... Impressive intros, breaks and endings..... hardly any competition" - KEYBOARDS



Climax 8 - B3 ORGAN

Audio CD / dur. 71:02 min.
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CD-ROM / AKAI - 430 MB
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An authentic and complete collection of vintage Hammond sounds

This CD features 600 recordings of the real thing with Leslie and in Stereo.   A 1947 B3 and a 1954 C3 were used in the sessions.  From smooth background sounds for chords to jazz and rock solo settings with and without distortion and key click.  Leslie effects are provided at slow and fast tempos.

Every sound was captured in half tone steps to eliminate unrealistic sounding timbres and out-of-tempo Leslie modulations. The sounds are identified by their original drawbar settings so you can easily choose the sound you want.

"... everybody knows that characteristic sound with lots of noisy quirks from soft bubbling to a throaty growl and a nasty bite.  This range is well represented by this CD-Rom...very authentic."- KEYS




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