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Perter Siedlaczek´s ORCHESTRA LIBRARY (PLUS version) Peter Siedlaczek´s

extended Audio CD version
only Euro 49,95

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also available as WAV CD rom -
only € 29,95

This world class library ("a real masterpiece" - Soundcheck magazine) is the first one that treats the Orchestra like one single instrument.  Rather than splitting the sounds into single solo instruments, this library features fully orchestrated chords and majestic tuttis and unisonos, recorded in a classical concert hall played by the renowned Polish Radio Orchestra.

You get Orchestra hits in minor, major and diminished tonalities at different velocity levels and a superb string section with tremolos, spicatos and sweet sustains, all recorded at every minor third and over a key range of 6 octaves.

Feel the power and the glory of a
symphonic orchestra right at your fingertips!

"Right from the first opening the orchestra stroke, we were blown away - absolutely amazing.  Perfect stereo recording.  No other library delivers anything similar - this library definitely deserves 5 stars ." - Sound on Sound

"All the sounds on this CD have been played by a whole orchestra to capture the real essence of strings and horns.  Originally this library was released for the NED Synclavier. This should give you an idea about the level of quality you can expect.  The enormous amount of tones and chords and playing techniques makes this CD the most complete orchestra library to date"  - FUTURE-MUSIC

With our new PLUS version you get the original Peter Siedladcek´s ORCHESTRA LIBRARY plus a bonus of 164 newly recorded orchestra percussion samples like Timpani & Ludwig Bass drum Piatti, TamTam, Tambourine, Triangle, Castanets, including single hits and rolls at different velocity levels.

ORCHESTRA for AKAI, Kurzweil & Samplecell Peter Siedlaczek´s

"The Original"
in different sampler formats

Licensed from MASTERBITS - East & West, California released these world class sounds on fine CD ROMs - called PROsamples 8 - ORCHESTRA (same content like the original Audio-CD Library / means without Orchestra Percussion)

"The quality of the recordings themselves and their sample design is perfect.  All of the programms sound very expressive and the loops are totally smooth.  The multisamples are recorded at every minor third.  Most of the time different playing techniques have been recorded at different dynamic levels from piano to forte.  Programs use velocity to trigger the different samples and either switch hard or crossfade between different dynamic levels.  

Our compliments to the musicians.  Articulation and intonation are of the highest quality.  With this library you can control an orchestra right from your keyboard. Another highlight are the various string samples like pizzicato, spicato and sustains.

These recordings are really impressive.  A must for every sample library." - KEYS

CD rom for AKAI
S 3000 series

only Euro 99,00
(approx. USD 90 / GBP 63)
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CD rom for Kurzweil
K 2000

only Euro 99,00
(approx. USD 90 / GBP 63)
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CD rom for Samplecell
(MAC only)
only Euro 99,00
(approx. USD 90 / GBP 63)
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Music Instinct (mixed mode CDR) MUSIC INSTINCT
mixed mode CDR
pre-looped Audio-CD
+ AKAI-CD-ROM part  / 120 MB
only Euro 39,95
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also available as an extended WAV version -
called STUDIO SELECTION I  - only € 29,95

This low price library is for the entry level user who wants to build up a sound library from scratch.  It includes excerpts from over 20 libraries drawn from 3 different series of CDs. Includes countless analog and digital synth sounds from Oberheim, Moog and Roland, drum and percussion loops, Raps and vocals, guitar and sax licks, real basses and organs, violins and strings, orchestra hits and F/X.

"All in all Music Instinct is a colorful collection recorded in high quality and is a 'must have' for every musician in search of a complete sound library." - Keys

The Music Instinct library was released to celebrate Masterbits' 5th anniversary .  It is not only the first triple media CD-Rom combining Audio, a CD-Rom and a data part for Akai users, but also features, for the first time ever, pre-looped samples in the audio section.  We have documented the loop points in a booklet , so all you have to do is sample the sound, look up the right number for the loop point and you will get the perfect loop, totally smooth with no clicks, no bumps, no headache!

"After typing in the loop point information provided by the booklet, the loop works instantly -not the slightest click or bump.  Absolutely amazing - a big round of applause for the people at Masterbits." - Keyboards;

"Very smart, hopefully this will become the new standard." - Keys


exdented version
for ASR10 - 340 MB

only Euro 39,95
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HOT KEYS is an extended version of "MUSIC INSTICT" (see above)  for the Ensoniq ASR10 and features even more synth sounds.

"Hot Keys qualifies as an all-round library because of the variety and the quality of the sounds"- Keys




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