S O U N D S  &  M O R E

Professional Sound Design
since 18 years

150 own Sample CDs

Own software developments

for e.g. masterBEAT

Sound Solution Series
inexpensive WAV Libraries

Sound Effect Archives
for Movie, TV, Broadcast & Multimedia

Digital studio equipment
from cables to HiEnd converters

You know us!

Masterbits is one of the leading companies worldwide in the matter of SOUND & SAMPLING since more than 20 Years. Even if you should not have heard our name ever, you  know us - or better said - our work.

If you don´t stay in a dark roim all day long, you will meet us nearly daily.  This can happens already at your breakfast  with an advertising Jingle or a smah hit out of the radio. You will meet sounds, loops and noises from our company again and again, while surfing in the net or playing your favorite computer game. Specially at the evening the chance to hear from us is not badly, weather you watch TV at home, enjoy the latest movie at the cinema or spend a night in a club.

And for all, which escape from us, here a bad message: Sometimes even Masterbits are in, even anothers company´s name is on top, for i. e. in Keyboards of major brands or even in CDs from our so called a competitors (officially licensed from us)..


All starts with a few unique sounds on floppy disk for the FZ-1 at the end of the 80´s and developed in the course of the years to an international enterprise. Since 1992 Masterbits is an LTD. In the same Year the s. c. ISM product line were based. Since that time we suppliy the Broadcast, TV and Movie industry with sound effetcs. Later on supplementing product lines were added such as Soundcards & Memory expansion boards.

Masterbits products got more than 200 good reviews over the world, including  important awards like the KEY BUY AWARD of the US Keyboard Magazine or the PLATINIUM AWARD of "Future Music "/UK. 

CO productions
with international partners

Soundesign for hardware manufacturers
  e.g. for Roland or Technics

Sound production
for Software & Game manufacturers

Import CDs
for i. e. "Charlie Morgan Drums "

Synthesizer accessories
Rom Soundcards & Blanc RAMs

Sampler accessories
MEMORY expansion & interfaces

Am Ziegelhof 3a
D 27793 Wildeshausen

Phone  +49 (0)4431 - 1797
Fax  +49 (0)4431 - 72355


Registered at
HRB 3351 / AG Delmenhorst
C. E. O.
Eckhard Kreft
Tax No. .
VAT ID: DE 117782297

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