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Since the end of the 80's MASTERBITS's has manifested itself as an "institution" when it comes to "SOUND & SAMPLING", so in 1991 a new area of their business came to life, with which they set the demanding goal to also make their mark in the professional AV- &  Post-Production-Area.

The new, stand alone part "INDUSTRIAL SOUND & MAGIC" profited from the excellent, highly modern equipment and the "know how", that made MASTERBITS so quickly to one of the world's top Soundware Producers. Add to that the distinct knowledge for the "real need" of the producers, and so it doesn't surprise that the very first ISM-product, the EUROsPHERE, impressed sound technicians as well as the press right away.

The EUROsPHERE-Sound-Archive doesn't only shine because of the outstanding sound recording quality but also because  his is the first time that only sounds and sound effects from Europe were chosen.

This sound archive is used on a daily basis by many Radio and TV-Stations but can due to its reasonable pricing also be recommended to semi-professional and small studios. For the ambitious Hobby-Filmmaker as well as for the area of the more experienced Home-Recording we have come out with a well priced edition on 3 CDs.

We also want to make you aware of the most recent ISM-Production, the "F/X-ZONE", recently awarded with "5 stars" in Keyboard magazine, that concentrates on special, 3D-animated sound effects and the new CD  "project X".


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