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SampleTank® is one of the software highlights of the most recent music conventions.  KEYBOARD US lists SampleTank® as one of the TOP 20 News for the NAMM 2001!  Finally we have closed the gap between a Software Sampler and a Software Synthesizer by designing a high quality, virtual  "High-End Sample Player"

SampleTank Premiere auf der NAMM 2001

Now you can have this new VST Sound Module (PC & MAC) exclusively at Masterbits for the extremely low price of only Euro99.- as a limited  Bundle version each including a high quality Sound Library.


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(available right now)

The inexpensive way to own this Power-Tool !    Light Version (no single outs) of the Sampletank Software, with introduction video and basic library  (16 sounds, i. e. Grand Piano, Organ, Bass, Strat)

- perfect integration with CuBase™, Logic™ & VST™ sequencer

- 128 voices polyphony

- 4  (up to 16 - as of L) instruments available simultaneously !

- high speed due to 32 bit FPC (floating point processing)

- patented "RAM doubling sample play"

- 4 dynamic sound parameters with direct access

- 4 insert effects, selectable among 20 high quality DSP effects:

Sample Tank / FX rack No. 4

Equalizer/Compressor | Reverb | Ambience, | Reverb Delay, | Delay- also BPM linked | Filter - also BPM linked | Envelope Filter | Wha-Wha | Chorus | Multi Chorus | M Modulation | FM Modulation | Flanger - also BPM linked | Auto Pan - also BPM linked | Tremolo - also BPM linked | Rotary Speaker | Lo-Fi | Distortion | Phonograph | Slicer - BPM linked

- "one-click" sound loading

- user friendly sound organization

- user-defined sound search feature



Komplette Auflistung aller Sound-Sets zeigen! SOUND-LISTING
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available right now

Vintage Voltage ST
Sampletank LE
+ Library, 2 CD Set
only € 99
(appr. USD 90 / GBP 63)
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Vintage Voltage L
Library CD only
only € 69,95
(appr. USD 64 / GBP 44)
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"Click & play" through the world of analog synthesizers!  The Vintage Voltage offers you 180 finished sound sets, among others the following analog synths:

Roland Jupiter 8      |  Roland MKS 70   |   Planet S    |  Oberheim  |  Xpander   Studio Electronics SE 1  |    Roland Juno 106  |   Oscar   |  Deep Base Nine    |  Moog Prodigy   |  Yamaha CS 15  |   Teisco 60F  |    Roland SH 101  |   Roland Juno 60  |   Wasp   |    Roland MKS 80  |   Oberheim Matrix 12  |   Korg Polysix  |   Monopoly   |  Korg Delta  |   Kawai SX 350  |   und andere

These sound highlights of diverse vintage synths offer you an enormous sound spectrum. If you can now imagine, that you have simultaneous availability of 4 high end real-time effects for each of the sounds and that you can open several of these modules simultaneously, then you still have only seen half of the potential combinations of ST-sound sets and Sampletank modules.


Mellotron TM
Octave 3 Violins
Octave Cello
Oct. 3 Violins & Oct. Cello
String Section & Violins & Cello

Octave Flute
Trombone & Trumpet
Trombone & Trumpet & Saxophon
Brass B
GC Brass
Male Choir
Male Choir & 15 Choir
Female Choir
Female Choir & 15 Choir
8 Choir
8 Choir & 15 Choir
Augmented 15 Choir
Octave Choir #1
Octave Choir #2
Octave Choir #3
Hammond Organ

    Check out the
Komplette Auflistung aller Sound-Sets zeigen!DEMOSONG (MP3)

available right now

Mello Zone ST
Sampletank LE
+ Library, 2 CD Set
only € 99
(appr. USD 90 / GBP 63)
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Mello Zone L
Library CD only
bis zum 31.12.01
only € 69,95
(appr. USD 64 / GBP 44)
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Tape goes VST - the legendary Mellotron™ Sounds in ST format

This library is based on over 800 carefully selected single recordings in half tone steps, produced by the Mellotron™- collector and specialist Klaus Hoffmann-Hook.  Just like the Original the "FRAMES"    were converted into ready to play Sampletank sets.  Each frame set contains 23 / 35 multi samples, which means one sample per loop to completely avoid unwanted side effects and to secure an absolutely authentic Mellotron™ sound.

The center are the legendary choir sounds with 10 ST-Instruments  as well as the well known string Sounds (7 ST-Instruments), that have reappeared as hits in the charts again and again.  This Vintage Sound Library which contains 25 frames is then rounded off by additional classics like various flute & brass sound sets.



Sampletank FREE

SampleTank® 1.1 FREE is the new fully functional Freeware Version that offers you all the advantages of the full Version like 16 Channels, 128 voices Polyphony, 4 DSP Effects,  PIII and G4 Optimization etc..

With this version you can (after successful registration) play all ST-Sound Sets, that are made available to you for free download by IKM at their website.


Please visit the homepage
of the programmers:

open IKM homepage !
IK Multimedia

DHere is also where you find complete reviews, detailed descriptions for the L-, DJ- & XL-Versions as well as the above mentioned free 

First reviews

Computer Music UK
"...the first truly workable virtual sound module."

Sound on Sound
"All sorts of weird and wonderful instruments have been recreated in software, but IK Multimedia's SampleTank is the first serious attempt to make a straightforward, high-quality workhorse sound module available in virtual form..

In fact, SampleTank's effects are worthy of praise in their own right. The rotary speaker is among the best I've heard, Lo-Fi is a great effect combining distortion and bandwidth filtering, the delay-based effects are musical and sweet-sounding, the Reverb and Ambience effects are perfectly acceptable, and there are a couple of novelties such as AM and FM modulation. I only wish they could be used as VST plug-ins outside SampleTank!

The real worth of a program like SampleTank can be judged by how much difference it makes to the way in which you make music: and although it's only been in my computer for a few weeks, it's become the first sound source I turn to when I start work on a new song. The sounds just seem to work in a mix without requiring extensive EQ or processing, and in sonic terms, SampleTank easily holds its own against the rack units currently available.

With SampleTank, on the other hand, you have the convenience, tight timing and flexibility of full integration into your sequencer, as well as an excellent set of fresh sounds unavailable in any rack unit.  ... if you're after a solid, reliable, and classy set of basic sounds for rock, pop and dance, SampleTank really hits the spot.

Computer Music UK
"Many of the sounds are excellent and would serve you well ...we compared (Acoustic Grand Piano) to similar pianos and SampleTank's effort certainly comes out best in our book... we were impressed by the orchestral section.

.. the good news is that SampleTank doesn't seem to be too much of a processor hog..

We like working with SampleTank... you've to admire IK Multimedia in producing SampleTank, as this is a piece of software that would have been unthinkable a couple of years ago... - Pros: loads of varied sounds, simple to use, ...."

Available Versions:

At this time there are 5 different versions of SampleTank - here the main differences:

free PLAYER Version

(details see on left)

fully functional Light Version

(details see above)
incl. 16 Basic Sound Sets
+ 1 Library CD:

Vintage Voltage ST
2 CD Set
only € 99
(appr. USD 90 / GBP 63)
Add 1x to shopping cartBUY

Mello Zone ST
2 CD Set
only € 99
(appr. USD 90 / GBP 63)
Add 1x to shopping cartBUY

as above,

but 16 instead 4 MIDI channels,

8 Single Outputs and
ca. 200 up-to-date Sound Sets
2 CD Set
199 Euro

(appr. USD 182 / GBP 126)
Add 1x to shopping cartBUY

as above,

but 200 (more clessical) Sound Sets
2 CD Set
249 Euro

(appr. USD 227 / GBP 157)
Add 1x to shopping cartBUY

as above, but in addition get the AKAI COVERTER TOOL

2.5 GB Sound Library
450 Sound Sets / 4 CD Rom Set
499 Euro

(appr. USD 455 / GBP 315)
Add 1x to shopping cartBUY


* Bei DJ, L und XL
are versions of IKM that include licensed Sound Libraries from various Soundware Companies, like i.e. Masterbits (Strings, Brass, etc.).
** in the case of
it is exactly reversed - Masterbits has purchased a license for SampleTank SE and bundled it with our own sounds which were optimized once more for the ST-Format.

on request - please call:
+49 (0) 4431 - 1797


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