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Unheard of sounds, loops and effects!
Audio-CD / 73:49 min.

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This brandnew Volume 5 contains mainly sounds that were produced with the VariPhrase Processor VP 9000.  Through the use of this new "VariPhrase"-Technology    by the house of ROLAND, this library stands out especially because of the completely new sounds & loops that simply were not possible before.

The first main area are the 265 special drum loops that go beyond the customary limits.  Imagine drum loops where a addionally produced Overtone Spectrum pushes the Groove or patterns that were stamped with an additional rythmic pitch change or beats with timed and dynamic formant changes. - You must hear this - for the first time drum loops sound "hi-ended" and "dirty" at the same time.

red_pin.gif (1014 Byte)"The editing with the VP 9000 is most apparent because of the artifacts that rough up the loops and make them sound "dirtier".  It is also worth mentioning tthat the pitch within the samples change continiously and smoothlyh, even down to the single beat which makes many interesting  pitch effects possible. The loops themselves are programmed rather groovy."- Keyboards - 05/02

An additional highlight of this library are the processed vocals. These about 400 vocal hooklines & effects contain besides the announced harmonizer, vocoder and auto tune effects a bunch of completely new voice fxs, like i.e. vocal lines with "arpeggiated" second voice or the spectral poly voices.

red_pin.gif (1014 Byte)"... the effects are well suited for their use and you can often only guess  their vocal origination."- Keyboards - 05/02

This CD containing 779 samples is rounded off with a selection of "VP-edited" synthesizer & pad sounds, some guitar licks and unusual RSS Special Sound Effects.

 red_pin.gif (1014 Byte)" ... the very atmosphere like, long drawn pad sounds and effects are  great for  intros and background sounds   - Keyboards - 05/02

Finally some fresh sounds!

Sound samples (coming soon)

KLICK for Demosong / Tracklisting / Big-Cover / Reviews !!! SALSA PICANTE

The brandnew World Zone Series
Volume 3

Audio CD / dur. 73:49 min.
only Euro 39,95
(~USD 36 / ~GBP 25)
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One of the hightlights of this new Library are over 380 Brass Section samples and licks each played at 120, 140 and 160 BPM - incl. Brass­Breaks­/Phrases, Single & Chord Attacks & Sforzando. Next part includes more than 350 Percussion  Loops & Breaks and samples like Conga, Bongo, Cowbell, Guiro, Maracas, Clave and  Shaker. Further some Requnito-, Tres- & Samba­Guitar-Licks as well as latin Voices & Crowds, Atmospheres and more. - The perfect tool for popular latin dance music!

red_pin.gif (1014 Byte)"I´d say you won´t find a better source of Afro-Cuban tidbits than World Zone 3: Salsa Picante from Masterbits. ... this is a killer CD" - Keyboard USA

red_pin.gif (1014 Byte)"Salsa Picante is a good library for a last-minute-price. Whoever has interest in using latin american sound elements in their music, can buy here a first class ticket for the Super Saver price" - Plag´n´Play

red_pin.gif (1014 Byte)"On the first 29 tracks it moves and shakes in the CD-Player - a real pleasure ...Starting with track 29 the trompets are playing expertly classical Latino Phrases" - Keyboards/Germany

red_pin.gif (1014 Byte)"... very, very useful and authentic material ... for the typical Masterbits Crash-Rate" - SOLO


KLICK for Demosong / Tracklisting / Big Cover AFRICA

World Zone CD 2 - Back to the roots !

Audio CD / dur 72:52 min.
only Euro 39,95
(~USD 36 / ~GBP 25)
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Return to the origins of all rhythmic life and experience the colorful range of sounds of the traditional as well as today's Africa.

With authentic licks and single samples of typical as well as rare instruments, pulsating percussion grooves, singing crowds & tribal rituals. From nature & street atmospheres all the way to the actual "Ghana"­Raps and lots more. Add the manifold musical shades of the black continent!

KLICK for Demosong / Tracklisting / Big Cover / Testberichte THE FAR EAST

Masterbits World Zone Series
Volume 1

Audio CD  -  dur. 73:58 min.
only Euro 39,95
(~USD 36 / ~GBP 25)
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Travel to new tonal terretories and collect sound souvenirs from around this planet with our new World Zone series.

Volume one takes you to the Far East and is your ticket into the fascinating world of Asian music and athmospheres. More than 70 minutes of multisampled instruments and authentic loops and licks in top studio quality and real life atmos recorded on location in the streets and temples of Bali, Tibet and India, give your music the exotic charm of that particular cultural region. Sitars, Santoors, Ghatam and Ghungur, Swamandel and Shrutibox, Bhanshi and Bamboophone, Vocalphrases and exotic sounds of nature make this collection an essential tool for the ambitious world musician.

A part of the profit from this CD and all other forthcoming titles in the Masterbit's World series will be donated to the organisation "Support for children",which helps children in the third world.

"The studio turns into a temple and the keyboard into an altar...a real bang" - Keyboards/Germany

"Praiseworthy is also the outstanding audio quality, somebody really worked magic in the studio. On the "FAR EAST": various vocal samples and athmos starting with a foreign dickybird in the Himalaya area to the night in Bali,  indian monks, Raga singers, wailing women, Bramans, Radio Bombay ...it being only $59.-, this CD is so well priced that I can recommend these kind of sounds to anybody that's interested."  - SOLO

cn_midiz.jpg (19764 Byte) MIDITATION ZONE

Relax & do it ...

Audio CD / dur. 73:15 min.
only Euro 49,95
(~USD 46 / ~GBP 32)
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Relax and feel your creative juices flow in the Miditation Zone.

Spirtual chants and Asian atmospheres will give your music that ethnic touch that is so popular in today's music. Carefully crafted pads and lead sounds incorporating everything from vintage analogue synths to the latest physical modelling technique, will help you to create mystic moods and amazing ambiences that captivate the subconsious of your listeners.

Earthshaking basses will set up the subliminal basis for your compositions and special treatments from the Roland RSS Sytem will push your music out of the speakers' normal spatial field.

"The recording quality is great, no intrusive effect procesornoise is apparent, and although there is a tendency for pads and ambient textures to have similar tonal characteristics, there is enough variety to keep even the most enthusiastic Ken Davis or Pete Namlock fans happy. Check this one out !" DIGITAL (Australien)

"a great sounding treasure chest for friends of meditative, spacial and ethnic (forgot something?!) music. In light of the inexpensiveness is the purchase indeed without risk - and also recommendable." -    "SOLO" determines 

"The recording quality is above and beyond any doubt ... for meditative fans (and of course those who want to enhance their production with some sugar from the Ambient-Drawer) the overall verdict is: "Go and BUY!" - AME-Journal

The sounds on this disc have been created by some of the leading artist in new age and electronic music in Europe especially for this collection. Benefit from their experiences in the field of meditative music and get lost in their universe of sounds,where maybe you will find......who knows what! 

The sounds of MIDITATION ZONE and
WORLD ZONE 1 - The far east
are also available on one "Best of ..." WAV-CD-ROM - only Euro 19,95
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