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KLICK for Demosong /  Big-Cover / Testberichte FX ZONE

3D-animated Audio
Audio-CD - dur. 43:16 min.

only Euro 29,95
(~USD 27 / ~GBP 19)
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WAV CD-ROM - 307 WAV Files
+ 20 Audio Demotracks
only Euro 19,95
/ see

State of the art equipment was used to create 'sonic holograms' plus eerie moods and textures that will give your music a 3D feel.

RSS We used RSS technology to create sounds that seem to move around the room and with 'Q sound' and 'Firstbase', we extended the stereo field way beyond the natural borders of your stereo system. These sounds can be played back on any regular sound system with no loss of 3d quality. Users of a dolby surround system will benefit from an even more animated sound field.

  Feel the impact of 3D animated Audio!

FX Zone is the ideal library for Dance and Techno producers to create impressive intros and put the audience in a trance. It gives new impulses to the New Age and Ambient musician and is the ideal basis for movie soundtrack production and multimedia applications. Lets float away...!

RD_PIN.GIF (1014 Byte)"Its a fine example for creative sound desgin ... Im not sure what Id use some of these samples for, but theyre bound to inspire someting wonderfful ... Sound quality / creativity - 5 stars" " -  Keyboard

 RD_PIN.GIF (1014 Byte)".. lots of sound inspirartions for an unbelieveable low price" -  PlagnPlay



KLICK for Demosong / Tracklisting / Big Cover VIRTUAL ZONE

The new Power generation of Synths!

Audio CD - dur. 72:19 min.
only Euro 29,95
(~USD 27 / ~GBP 19)
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It's time to get physical with fresh sounds from the Yamaha VL1, twisted drums from the Korg Wavedrum, virtual guitar sounds from Rolands VG8 and a large collection of mind boggling synth sounds from the Clavia Nordlead.

Over 1000 fresh samples!

"Great source material, expecially for Tekkno-mixes ... its wonderful resource"

"Virtual Zone has many of the extraodinary sounds of these modern legends."

"VZ delivers an interesting collection of Wavedrum sounds and offers a broad range of Nordlead samples" - Keys

"....first class, new and fresh sounds, that easily outperform any rom-based synthmodule" - Keyboards/Germany


KLICK for Demosong / Tracklisting / Big Cover INSPIRATION ZONE
Best of ...

Audio CD, dur. 59:95 min.
only Euro 29,95
(~USD 27 / ~GBP 19)
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For those of you who don`t have a Wavestation or a JD we have released the top 100 sounds from all the cards of our famous INSPIRATION SERIES on one exciting CD.

Super Dance and Rave sounds, impressive pads and sound collages and a whole array of special FX and wave sequences.

"...a bunch of interesting, modern and nonconformist synth sounds... Compared to conventional sampling CDs the Inspiration Zone clearly stands out. " Keyboards/Germany


KLICK for Demosong / Tracklisting / Big Cover / Testberichte SAMPLE ZONE

Audio CD - dur. 61:15 min.
only Euro 29,95
(~USD 27 / ~GBP 19)
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This excellent library is divided into categories like MEGA STAX, VINTAGE 8-BIT WAVES, MOVIE STRINGS and SOUND FX. New programmed Morpheus and JD990 sounds, a complete drumpool, MKS20 Pianos and a bonus section with the best of the Mellotron, round out this inspiring collection.

"The audio quality is first class.The samples are extremly punchy and leave the competition clearly behind." - Keys

"...No 'meat and potato' but great material for your modern ambient and movie production. ...Extremely impressive sounds....and at a competitive price!" - Keyboards/Germany



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